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On January 14, 2016, at the Hall of the Institute of Chemistry, the Academy of Science and Technology of Vietnam, acceptance of the state-level project for trial production of the complex wax, which is to be used for emulsion explosive manufacturing, has been successfully organized. This project is one of the key state-level science and technology programs.
Five years - 1825 days, are just a flash compared to the national history, just a start for a company but 1/6 of the working time for a employee. Also: "The business world as a battlefield" where mankind has been concluded and confirmed. With that mind and that look, we, the Metco soldier - workers understand and feel one thing: After a glorious victory; after a period of struggle with the market setting up, we have made a spectacular performance  and our soldiers take a break momentarily, or just several hours. Oh eh, soldier feet stopped and our spring has come.

I have came to Nui Phao this afternoon

Meet the soldiers on mining land

The bare hands between immense of thousand wind

Welcome me  after the blasting

Technology - Economics JSC Company’s Unit Party Congress (04/06/2015)
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Scientific Workshop (21/01/2015)
METCO General Meeting of Shareholders (05/06/2014)
High Tech Blasting at Nui Phao Mine For safe, green and clean environtment (22/11/2013)
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