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Technology - Economics JSC Company’s Unit Party Congress

Pursuant to the Communist Party of Vietnam; Implementing Directive No. 411-CT/DUT504 dated October 30, 2014 of the Executive Party Committee T504 on the conducting all-levels Party Congresses within the T504 toward the 9th General Department of Defense Industry  Party Congress, the 10th Army Party Congress and the 12th National Party Congress. 

Consensus of the Executive Party T504, the Technology - Economics ISC Company’s Unit Party has proceeded the 2015-2020 Term Congress. 

Comrade Colonel Tran Manh Hung, Secretary of the Unit Party, on behalf of the Presidium of the Congress has delivered full resolution draft of the Party Executive Committee of METCO at the 2015-2020 Term Congress. 

The Congress Operating Presidium 

The Congress of the Unit Party was honored by the attendance of Comrade Colonel Nguyen Dac Hai, the Party member of the Executive Party of the General Department of Defense Industry, Deputy Party Secretary of T504, GAET General Director. 

Chief Officer Nguyen Dac Hai attended and directed the Congress 

During working process, the Congress has promoted the spirit of responsibility, democracy, open discussion and as results the Congress has contributed practical opinions to the draft of the documents of the XII Congress of the Party, to the political report of the Party T504 presented at the 4th T504 Party Congress Party, to the draft resolutions of the company Executive Party Committee. 

Comrade Nguyen Trung Dat delivers the speech to the Congress 

After more than 3 hours of hard and work with high sense of responsibility, the Party Congress of the Technology - EconomicsJSC Company term 2015-2020 has been operated successfully. The Congress has elected the new Executive Committee for the Term 2015-2020, also elected the delegate to attending the Superior Party Congress. 

The Company Party Executive Committee for the Term 2015-2020 

Congress unanimously voting 

With the highest unity, consensus, the Party members in the Party Unit of the Technology - Economics JSC Company have been determined to make good orientations, objectives and tasks, which the Congress of the term 2015-2020 has devised. 

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