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Acceptance of the state - livel project KC.02.DA 10/11-15
On January 14, 2016, at the Hall of the Institute of Chemistry, the Academy of Science and Technology of Vietnam, acceptance of the state-level project for trial production of the complex wax, which is to be used for emulsion explosive manufacturing, has been successfully organized. This project is one of the key state-level science and technology programs.


Dr. Tran Manh Hung, the Project chairman reported the results

of the project KC.02.DA10/11-15.

Participants were the representative scientists and managers from various organizational units such as the Institute of Tropical Technology, Vietnam Academy of Science and Technology; Chemicals Department of the Ministry of Industry and Commerce; the Institute of Propulsion chemicals and explosives of the General Department of the Defense Industry, Ministry of Defense; Hanoi University of Technology; Vietnam Chemical Group; Institute of Military Technology; University of Mining and Geology; Institute of material research and application, METCO JSC.

At the opening speech, Dr. Thai Hoang, Institute of Tropical Technology - Vietnam Academy of Science and Technology, chairman of the State-level Acceptance Council, has stated the importance of research and application of science and technology for the development of the national economy and society.


         Prof. Dr. Thai Hoang, Institute of Tropical Technology, Vietnam Academy of Science and Technology, chairman of the state-level Acceptance Council had a speech at the ceremony.

The Scientific Council has heard the reports and assessment of the results of the complex wax production technology for emulsion explosives of the state-level project KC.02.DA10 / 11-15 under the key programs of Science and Technology.


Members of the scientific council at the results acceptance

of the state-level project KC.02.DA10/11-15.

At the conclusion of the workshop, Prof. Dr. Thai Hoang has assessed that the complex wax production project has achieved remarkable initial results and has significant scientific importance as well as practical application.
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