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Five years - 1825 days, are just a flash compared to the national history, just a start for a company but 1/6 of the working time for a employee. Also: "The business world as a battlefield" where mankind has been concluded and confirmed. With that mind and that look, we, the Metco soldier - workers understand and feel one thing: After a glorious victory; after a period of struggle with the market setting up, we have made a spectacular performance  and our soldiers take a break momentarily, or just several hours. Oh eh, soldier feet stopped and our spring has come.

The Economic Technology Company (METCO), a subordinate of GAET, established under the Decision No 6196 / MOD-KT signed by Defense Ministry on October 15, 2010 and  the business registration number: 0104879593 signed by the Department of Planning and Investment in Hanoi on November 18, 2010. METCO inherited more than 50 years of experiences in production and business activities serving the defense economy in particular and the State in general, as a latest established unit of GAET; but we, METCO, can be proud that we are one of the few of GAET subordinates, who have been so well managing the gray matter and the talents of the Corporation. Specifically: The labor force of METCO includes 01 associate professors, 02 PhD, 08 Masters of science, 44 engineers, 11 vocational colleges and vocational technicians.

From the mandates entrusted by the Ministry of Defense and the business license issued by the Department of Planning - Investment of Hanoi; The Managing Board has decided: Established 01 Research Institute, 03 services centers, 02 management units. Specifically are: the New Material Research Institute; Centre of blasting services; Centre of Trade and Investment; Centre of Tourism; General office and Finance Division.

After 5 years of production, business activities and research, the business efficiency grows year after year. Due to the identified long-term strategic direction and selection of the correct strength of the company in the last 5 years, Metco should stand up and develop the stable business:

The first: blasting services in strategic level - is the key breakthrough for support and development.

This is the area in which the company has a team of Vietnam leading experts; engineers and vocational technicians with work love and expertise. Therefore, in the past 5 years, Metco has gained many blasting service contracts, which brought high and effective economic value, which initially built of Metco foothold in the market at home and abroad.

Metco annual uses 2,000 tons of industrial explosive materials for blasting of ore in Nui Phao polymetallic mine. The volume of explosives used in the Nui Phao mine is equivalent to the use of four large cement factories: effective 20 blasts a year; absolute safety equipment; ensuring a green - clean environment, that not many blasting servicing units on the territory of Vietnam can do.

Secondly, research and development of new materials achievements and prospects. Institute for New Materials is an affiliate of Metco, in 5 years has been implemented 01 research project of Ministry level; 01 state-level research project; hosted compilation for many national regulations on industrial explosives. Until 2015 most of the researches and projects were rated by superior agencies and partially accepted with the achieved excellence. Research project, producing additive complex wax for manufacturing of emulsion explosives were deployed in industrial-scale  production, the product supplied to the factories of industrial emulsion explosives under the Ministry of Defense has achieved the quality requirements equivalent to foreign equivalent - as per assessment of the defense ministry factories. Through actual production and market demand survey, Metco can claim: Metco has enough production capacity for complex wax to substitute all the imported complex wax that has been used in Vietnam at the factories of industrial emulsion explosives.

Thirdly: With Trade and Investment difficult but not impossible.

Centre of Trade - Investment of Metco is conducting business in import and supply of cyanide for gold processing plants; supply of coal for phosphate rock manufacturing plants; supply of sulfur for production of some chemicals for industrial (phosphoric acid) products for agriculture.

We are glad that, in 5 years, although the import and supply of specific types of chemicals have stringent. Metco is proud to say that its business with absolute Safety, without even the smallest incidents.

The four are: Center of Tourism and international cooperation primarily organizes the abroad trips for the officers and soldiers of the army in form of market surveys, seminars ... For Tourism, the unit motto is: "The largest earnings in tours are experience exchanges and learning, not the profit". The author of  this paper was unanimous with the attitude that for Metco: the largest earnings is expansion of the vision for the military businesses in the process of integration in which they should be insoluble.

5 years of production, sales, research, Metro has been appreciated by the superior agencies.

• Achievements are rewarded:

- Certificate of Merit from the Ministry of Planning and Investment, March 13, 2014, Decision No. 313 / QD-BKH, Ministry of Planning and Investment etc.

- Certificate of Merit of Labor Safety Department - Ministry of Labor, Invalids and Social Affairs, March 6, 2014 No. 15/QD - Safe Work Safety Department - Ministry of Labor, Invalids and Social Affairs etc.

- Certificate of Merit of Labor Safety Department - Ministry of Labor, Invalids and Social Affairs, March 6, 2015 No. 64 /QD-Safe Work Safety Department - Ministry of Labor, Invalids and Social Affairs etc.

- Certificate of Merit from the Ministry of Trade March 9, 2015 No. 2072 / QD - BCT, MOIT...

August 30, 2014, the Union of  UNESCO Vietnam and the association of small and medium-sized enterprises of Vietnam honored the brand products and top services (for the complex Wax Product for production of explosives, explosive for oil and gas).

- Especially Metco recently was granted a Certificate of Merit No. 3591/QD - MOD dated 04/9/2015, issued by the Minister of Defense for "Continuing excellent performance in the work from 2013 to the year in 2015, contribution to the building of the Army, consolidation of the national defense and protection of the Fatherland "

METCO strives to build a solid step, to deserve a collective common house T504, General Department of  Defense Industry, the Ministry of Defense.

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