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High Tech Blasting at Nui Phao Mine For safe, green and clean environtment
According to the People Army News Paper (QĐND) - Environmental issues are always top priority for the world mining as well as for Vietnam mining, especially for polymetallic mineral mining. There were a number of mines, which had to be closed due to the fact that they caused serious environmental pollutions.

From the bigining i.e. even in the bid period for suppling of blasting services to Nui Phao polymetallic mining project, METCO JSC, a subsidiary of the Economic – Industrial Defense Engineering Corporations (General Department of Defence Industry), has set its criteria to apply high-tech blasting for the project. A team of commanders and experts, company's engineers and a team of foreign experts, who work closely with each other to work out the optimal plan in order to achieve not only economic effects but also ensuring environment to be intact after each blasting at the mine site, namely: selection of clean commercial explosives and hole by hole delay blasting.

Blasting preparation at Nui Phao. Source: Metco

With the selection of the hihg-tech blasting technology, the monitoring of drill holes is very strict process that lead to very low ground vibration levels, which were recorded as many times by the Environment Department of Nui Phao Mining Group. The vibration levels are kept much smaller than the prescribed norms by the Vietnam government, even for a blast of more than 4-5 tonnes of explosives. There is only a slight ground vibration that could be felt at a distance of 300 m from the blast site. There is no dust emmited in the air at all. In addition, airblast level is even less than a normal talking voice, according a one of the experts, it means that blasting performance can not be more perfect so that all set criteria are met, all rurrounding constructions are intact. Moreover, by using cleaner explosives and accurate blast calculation, all blast are absolutly safe and envorontment friendly. Rain waters run from blasted areas do not contain toxic substances, therefore, it is safe even in case of accidental discharge into rice fields or rivers. More than a year of blasting services at Nui Phao, there were no complaints or disputes raised by local people and local authorities.

There were no recorded cases of complaints on dust, shockwaves, water pollution etc.

Colonel Dr Tran Manh Hung, General Director of METCO, from the very early stage of the blasting services deployment at Nui Phao, has put very specific and definitive tasks to commanders, soldiers, blasting crews. He said "Winning a bid is just beginning. At Nui Phao Mine, much harder work had been waiting in front of us. As one of very few advanced units, who provide high-tech blasting technology in Vietnam, I believe that with your level of skills and experiences, your blasting services will be successful. "

The supreme commander of METCO has been completely reasonable to assign the hihg-tech blasting service project to the Metco Blasting Services Center. Blasting project implementation tech at Nui Phao polymetallic mine. More than 500 days of practical blasting executed here, the Center has performed hundreds of blasts with scale from 4 to 5 tons of industrial explosives with high economic efficiency, absolute safety for people and equipment, especially environmentally friendly performance.
Source: http://www.qdnd.vn
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