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Metco Travel
METCO Travel has organized successful trip to the Z117 Factory

Tourism Office of the Economic Technology JSC (METCO) held successful tours in combination with extremely impressive Sam Son outdoor Gala with over 1,200 Officers and Employees of the Z117 factory.


Preparatory work before Gala

With experience in organizing large scale delegations of thousands of participants, METCO has always brougjt the absolute safety to the customers.



METCO hearted concern to every meal for guests to feel as most satisfied

The Gala is an important milestone in tourism programs organized by the METCO in order to express the gratitude message to the customers and the sustainable development strategy based on the company expansion and achivement.




These activities brought a fun atmosphere during the Gala

The Gala night ended with success and leave a good impression in the hearts of all the members of the Z117 factory. This success is due to the attention of the leaders of JSC METCO and the closely coordinated deployment of the officers and soldiers of the Chamber of Tourism with the officials and employees of the Z117 factory.


The success of the 1,200 member delegation of the Z117 factory should mention the spirit of hard work, responsible and very professional team of instructors, employees of METCO.

Chemical factory Z21 – Militay industrial and economic adminstration (20/07/2012)
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