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Amy ranking decision award ceremony

In the morning of January 14, 2015, the Economic Technology JSC Company (METCO) has officially organized an Army Ranking Award Ceremony according to the Decision No. 2776/QD-TM of the Army General Staff, dated 26th/12/2014 to the four outstanding staff members, who are switched from the system of army service workers to the system of army professionals.  

Attendants of the Ceremony are managers, leaders, commanders, directors of service centers, of departments and representatives of the units of the system switch awarded soldiers.

The awarded comrades of this time are of good ethics, of good work capability and the political stability as they are always in the exemplary vanguard and endeavor exert themselves in the work and in excellent completing of assigned tasks. 

On behalf of the leadership, the company commander: Colonel Tran Manh Hung, the Party Secretary, General Director of the Company, handed the decision award and had a congratulation speech to the awarded  soldiers. Mr. Hung emphasized: "The review, the proposed 2015 switch from the service system to the professional system has expressed the deep concern of the Party, of the MOD chief officers, of the Army General Administration and of the head of the Center for Defense Industry T504. This is the proud, but also the responsibility of the new army professional comrades. Leaders and commanders of units trust the comrades who will contribute their great effort to complete assigned tasks of theỉ units. " 

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