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2nd Congress of PetroVietnam Association: Intellectual fulcrum of Vietnam Petroleum
(PetroTimes) - Morning of 7/11, the PetroVietnam Association had organized 2nd Congress of the term 2014-2017.

Representatives from the Government Office, the Ministry of Industry and Trade, Party Committees of state central enterprises; Union of Science and Technology of Vietnam attended the congress. Attending leaders of Vietnam Oil and Gas Group (PVN) were Mr. Phung Dinh Thuc, Chairman of the Group and Mr. Do Van Hau, Group CEO and other members of the Board Members, Board of Directors of PVN, representatives of the member units of the PVN and 171 members of the PetroVietnam Association.

Mr. Ngo Thuong San, Chairman of PetroVietnam Association of the term 2010-2013 reported summary of the first term tenure (2010-2013) activities and the action plan for the second term (2014-2017) with the main contents: about the opponent consultancy; scientific workshop activity in the field of education, scientific research, foreign affairs, links, building relationships with upper management Agencies; Works advocacy, financial activities from the first term I.

Chairman of PVN Phung Đinh Thuc had a speech at the congress

After 3 years of operation, the PetroVietnam Association as a political organization, a socio-professional in the field of petroleum science and technology, has achieved a number of significant achievements. Currently, the Association with 667 members in its six sub-units and the Petroleum Club brings together a large and widespread work of science, engineering, technology and economics in the oil and gas industry, helps promote mutual support and contribution devoted to the development of the petroleum industry in Vietnam. The Association has done well consultancy activities, criticism, advices, and performed tasks in the field of oil and gas industry as required by the group leader and the unit members. The sub-units also take active participation in counseling units operating in the area. In addition, training is carried out at the central level as well as at sub-unit levels. The Association organized several round trips for geological surveys and scientific studies with significant expertise, contributed significantly to the development of the Industry.

Propaganda activities achieved good results since its inception and publishment of a new paper “New Energy” and website “PetroTimes”. The public relation agency of the PetroVietnam Association has developed steadily, has contributed in the forming of the public opinion and promote the policies of the Party, of the State, and in the achievement of the strategy of the group, in the achievements of units and members of the PetroVietnam Associaton, in achieving the political objectives of the paper, has built up credibility with the readers inside and outside of the industry.

Prof. Dr. Dang Vu Minh, Chairman of the Union of Science and technology associations of Vietnam handed a honour certificate to PetroVietnam Association and its sub-units

Although newly formed and the activities of the Associaion could not cover all the core areas of the industry, but the term I has correctly obeyed principles and purposes of the Charter. It has built a reputation and confidence in the Group's management infront of the state authorities and the Party, the Union of Science and Technology associations of Vietnam.

The second tenure (2014-2017) is projected to be in the world complicated economic situation that causes influences on the macroeconomics of Vietnam and difficulties for production and business activities of the PVN as well as of business members of the Group and of the collective membership of the Associatio. It requires a comprehensive restructuring and reorganization of production in core sectors. There must be drastic measures to make the development sustainable within the Group and in the trend of world competitive integration, to complete 5 years targets 2011-2015 and the next development plans.

In the development trend of the petroleum industry in Vietnam, there are certainly many issues that need to be set out in the executive management, in the production, which gather oil & gas intelligence. The PetroVietnam Association hopes that the leaders of PVN and its unit member will mobilize and utilize all the capacity of the Association to implement the objectives and strategies for the sustainable development, for the stability of the Vietnam Oil and Gas industry. Implementation of Directive 42-CT/TW Politburo requires a comprehensive reform to improve the efficiency and quality of the work associated with the political goals of the Party in the oil and gas industry

The board management of the 2nd tenure 2014-2017

Union vows to continue the association innovation to improve quality and performance, and to gather objective opinions of the intelligents of science and technology, to fulfill the functions of the association, which are political opponent consultancy, research and development of the science and technology, training, dissemination of information and knowledge, engagement of the scientific innovation movement and technological cooperation in both domestic and international meanings.

PVN General Director Do Van Hau informed of activities of the Group within 10 months of the 2013: The Group continued to maintain its growth rate, to keep its vital role in the economy. The Group has completed the basic criteria of the yearly plan: production of electricity, fertilizer and petroleum. Revenue of the Group reached 627,000 billion VND (97% of the plan); projected annual revenue will reach 732,000 billion. The budget is expected to reach approximately 170,000 billion VND. PetroVietnam General Director Do Van Hau stressed: "For major problems of the Group, we are looking forward to having many critical comments for opponent consultancy and for training of human resources".

At the meeting, representatives of the Association from Vung Tau, Thai Binh, Ho Chi Minh City, Hanoi, Quang Ngai, Ca Mau had discussions confirmed the tasks of the next tenure to continue building on strengths, to continue highest support for the operation of the PVN.

Several management members of the association of the 2nd tenure

Speaking at the meeting, PetroVietnam chairman Phung Dinh Thuc noted and praised the contribution of the association in recent years. He asked the association to continue keeping abreast of political tasks, production and business activities of the Group, in collaboration with the professional boards of the group to perform well critical opponent consultancy for the development of the Group. The association is to perform managing functions of the New Energy paper/PetroTimes website to promote the activities of the Group. It collaborates closely with the Labor Union, the Youth Union, the war Veterans Association of the group to promote extensive history of the Vietnam Oil and Gas industry and to continue implementation of domestic and foreign cooperation. From its side, the group will support the development of the association. Group requires PVN units to outline their proposals to the association for comment and criticism.

At the congress, Prof. Dr. Dang Vu Minh, Chairman of the Union of Science and Technology associations of Vietnam has given a picture to the association with the 4 gold letters: "Unity - Intelligence - Innovation - Developing" and a merit of the Union to the asociation, to the Hanoi and Vung Tau sub-units for their accomplished achievements.

Speaking at the congress, Prof. Dang Vu Minh appreciated the success of the PetroVietnam Associaton. The Union wishes the association in the near time to accompany the Union to contribute to the intellectual, critical scientific contributions to the Party and the Governtment.

Congress elected 97 members on the Executive Committee for the second term in 2014-2017. Executive Committee for 2014-2017 period was held the first meeting and elected 25 memebers on the Standing Committee of PeteroVietnam Association. Mr. Ngo Thuong San continues holding the chairman position. 4 Executive Committee members as Vice-President and a Secretary General also were elected.

The 2nd representative Congress, the term 2014-2017, calls for the next term, the Executive Committee and the members continue to innovate, to improve quality and operational efficiency, to gather objective opinions and the science and technology intelligency, to fulfill the functions of a political professional association, which are specialized opponent consultancy, research and development of science and technology, education, information and knowledge dissemination, the creative scientific and technological movement and domestic and international cooperation. The congress calls for a positive contribution to the development in accordance with the slogan given at the congress: the aggregation of science and technology mind for the Vietnam Oil and Gas Industry.

President and vice presidents of PetroVietnam Association of 2nd term:
President: Mr. Ngo Thuong San
Vice presidents:
1.    Tran Ngoc Canh
2.    Nguyen Xuan Thang – Standing vice president
3.    Le Minh Hong
4.    Nguyen Van Minh

General Secretary: Nguyen Huy Quy

The list of executive committee members term II:
1    Tran Ngoc Canh
2    Vu Dinh Chien
3    Nguyen Tien Dung
4    Pham Tien Dung
5    Tran Le Dong
6    Nguyen Van Duc
7    Le Minh Hong
8    Cu Minh Hoang
9    Hoang Xuan Hung
10    Nguyen Quoc Khanh
11    Do Van Khanh
12    Vu Van Kinh
13    Nguyen Dang Lieu
14    Nguyen Van Minh
15    Vu Quang Nam
16    From The Meaning
17    Tran Minh Ngoc
18    Do Khang Ninh
19    Nguyen Huy Quy
20    Ngo Thuong San
21    Hoang Van Thach
22    Nguyen Xuan Thang
23    Ho Sy glance
24    Phan Ngoc Trung
25    By Van Tu

Executive Committee of the Vietnam Oil and Gas 2014-2017 term

STT Name Position / job position
1 Tran Ngoc Canh Standing Vice President
2 Le Minh Hong Vice president Deputy Director of PVN
3 Nguyen Dang Lieu Vice president, Head of TC&PT
4 Nguyen Van Minh    Vice president, Head of TV&PB
5 Nguyen Huy Quy General Secretary
6 Ngo Thuong San President
7 Nguyen Xuan Thang Vice president, Chief Financial and Accounting
8 Vu Hong Chuong  
9 Nguyen Van Dac Executive members
10 Phan Thi Hoa  
11 Ngo Duong Hung Executive member
12 Vu Van Kinh Executive member, president of Hanoi unit
13 Bui Dinh Phuong    Hanoi Association secretary
14 Nguyen Quang  
15 Nguyen Van Quyet  
16 Nguyen Trong Tin Executive member, ass. Professor of Petroleum Geology
17 Nguyen Van Toan    Mining expert
18 Le Xuan Ve Expert
19 Vu Van Vien Head of Science and Technology
20 Vu Ngoc An Prof. Petroleum Geophysics
21 Bat Ngo Ba HCMC unit Vice Chairman
22 Nguyen Quang Bo Expertise in petroleum geology
23 Vu Dinh Chien    Executive member HCMC unit
24 Nguyen Anh Duc Deputy president of VPI
25 Tran Nhu Huy Deputy Director PVEP POC
26 Nguyen Duc Huynh Dr. Environment
27 Do Dinh Khai Finance and Accounting Professional
28 Hoang Van Thach Executive member Board , Chief Controller Board
29 Ho Si Thoang Executive member Board , Chief CBDK
30 By Van Tu Executive member, Vice Chairman CBDK
31 Thai Hong Chuong President of Drilling Mud Company
32 Tran Le Dong Executive member
33 Nguyen Van Duc    Executive member, Association president of Vung Tau unit, president of VSP NIPI Institute
34 Nguyen Quoc Hoang Director of PTSC Vung Tau
35 Tran Van Hoi Executive member, Vice President of VT unit
36 Vo Quang Huy Executive member, Chief Accountant VSP
37 Cao Tung Son Executive member, Director of Enterprise Engineering VSP
38 Nguyen Dinh The Company Director PVC - MS
39 Nguyen Thanh Truong Deputy Director of Drilling VSP
40 La Manh Hung    Vice President of the Pacific Association
41 Ngo Van Kha Vice President of the Pacific Association , deputy director of the Red River PVEP
42 Nguyen Xuan Nhu    UV Executive Board , Chairman of Pacific Oil and Gas Association
43 Tran Nhat Huy Director of Ca Mau PVGas
44 Nguyen Duc Thanh Fertilizer Company President , Chairman emphasized Fertilizer
45 Pham Van Chat Vice President LHD BSR
46 Nguyen Van Hoi Interim chairman QN Association , Vice President LHD BSR
47 Hoang Xuan Hung Vice Chairman of the Petroleum Club
48 Vu Quang Nam Chairman of the Petroleum Club
49 Nguyen Tien Dung PVN Deputy General Director
50 Le Manh Hung PVN Deputy General Director
51 Nguyen Quoc Khanh PVN Deputy General Director
52 Ninh Van Quynh    Chief Accountant Chief TCKTKT - PVN
53 Nguyen Vu Truong Son PVN Deputy General Director
54 Nguyen Quoc Thap PVN Deputy General Director
55 Hoang Ngoc Trung PVN Office
56 Le Quang Truong    Head of TCNS PVN
57 Phan Tien Vien    Head of Search and Exploration PVN
58 From The Nghia CEO of VSP
59 Le Viet Hai Deputy Director of VSP
60 Tran Van Vinh Executive member, CKS VSP
61 Cu Minh Hoang Executive member Society , Director of Overseas PVEP
62 Do Van Khanh Executive member Board , CEO PVEP
63 Do Khang Ninh Executive member, President - CEO of PVGas
64 Le Nhu Linh President PVOil
65 Do Chi Thanh President PVPower
66 Thai Quoc Hiep PTSC chairman
67 Nguyen Dinh Lam    President PVComBank
68 Bui Manh Tien President PVFCCo
69 Tran Minh Ngoc CEO PVC
70 Hao Duy Vu Principal of Petroleum Vocational College
71 Phan Ngoc Trung Executive Board , Director of VPI
72 Nguyen Ngoc Khanh DMC President TCT
73 Nguyen Xuan Hoa CEO Petec
74 Ha Van Tham President OceanBank
75 Phung Tuan Ha TCT CEO Petrosetco
76 Dinh Van Ngoc Executive Board , CEO of BSR LHD
77 Nguyen Anh Tuan    Chairman of PVI Holdings Corporation
78 Nguyen Quynh Lam CEO of Bien Dong POC
79 Pham Viet Anh PV Trans CEO of TCT
80 Pham Tien Dung CEO PVDrilling
81 Tran Manh Hung Executive Board , General Director of Metco
82 Le Phuoc Hao Executive Board , Principal of Petroleum University
83 Nguyen Nhu Phong Member, Editor New Energy Paper
84 Kien Tran Executive Board
85 Nguyen Viet Ky Executive Board
86 Bui Thi Luan Executive Board
87 Ngo Van Sang Executive Board
88 Nguyen Viet  Son Executive Board
89 Tran Thanh Tung Head of department
90 Tran Van Tri Executive Board
91 Ho Cong Ky Chairman of the Vietnam Oil and Gas Group
92 Do Van Dao Central Council Member PVN
93 Phan Dinh Duc Council Member Member PVN
94 Tran Thi Binh Former Deputy General Director of PetroVietnam
95 Le Ngoc Son Chief Mining PVN
96 Nguyen Tien Dung Deputy editor of New Energy
97 Pham Thi Thanh Tuyen    former deputy director of Vietnam Petroleum Institute

Source: Petrotimes.vn
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