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Scientific Workshop

On 11/28/2014 at the Hoa Binh V- Resort, Ministry of Science and Technology (S&T) has organized a workshop for preliminary midterm summing-up of the program KC.02/11-15 "Applied research and development of new technologies".

 Representatives of scientists and managers from various units and organizations such as the University of Technology, Institute of Applied Materials R&D - Economic Technology JSC Company (METCO) and also from a number of units of the Ministry of Science and Technology: Institute of Biotechnology, Institute of Science and Technology of Vietnam, Institute of Tropical Technology, Institute of Applied Technology. 


 Making a speech at the workshop, Prof. Nguyen Viet Bac, manager of the KC.02 / 11-15 program, has highly appreciated the performance results over the time, and discussed the direction and contents to be implemented in the near future. At the workshop, Prof. Dr. Nguyen Viet Bac also briefed some of outstanding reports including the METCO manufacturing project of the complex wax used for emulsion explosives and assessed the practical application as well as the development prospects of the research results of the program.

 The workshop is an opportunity for participants to meet, to exchange and to discuss the field of Applied Research and Development of New Material Technologies (KC.02 / 11-15). Prof. Dr. Nguyen Viet Bac, manager of the KC.02 / 11-15 program, has delivered thank words to the Ministry of Science and Technology, to the Office of the Key Programs of the State for their support and creation of favorable conditions to the program operations, also thanks to the active cooperation of the leading agencies and the managers of the themes and projects of the program and also thanks to experts for their contribution to the success of this conference.


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