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Response to the 15th National Week on Workplace Hygene-Safety and Fire –Explosion Prevention, 2013.
Source: Workplace Hygiene and Safety bulletin. Labor Safety Department - Ministry of Labor, War Invalids and Social Affairs publication No. 01-2013.


                        High-tech blasting application for  
            safe-green-clean-beautiful Environment

      Mining of polymetallic minerals in Vietnam in particular and in the world in general always have put environmental concerns as top priority. Many mineral mines in the world as well as in Vietnam in the process of mining, ore processing have been stopped or closed due to serious environmental pollutions.
    Since environmental protection requirements are strict or mandated in the mining process, Nui Phao Mining leadership (Thai Nguyen) and foreign experts, who have been operating this project, are aware that: the environment impact of mining and post-mining processes is very important. Protection of the environment is put as the first goal of the mining process to avoid any legal consequences such as suspension in the case of violation of environmental laws of Vietnam or even license revoke and mine closure in the case of serious violations.
    In order to achieve the most effective environmental protection in the blasting process at the Nui Phao polymetalltic Mine, METCO, a member of GAET, has set a task to bring in the most hightech blasting technology. The team of engineers and experts of METCO in conjunction with a team of foreign experts have been selected the most advanced blasting technology that includes clean explosives and full nonelectric delay systems (hole by hole). The option is the most optimal and is capable to bring the most efficiency in both environment, technical and economical meaning.
   With the selection of this technology, a strict control over the drilling and blasting process is implemented, each drill hole is carefully monitored, so that recorded by the Environment Department of the Nui Phao Group ground vibration never excess the limits set by Vietnam regulations and standards even in large blasts of more than tens of tons of industrial explosives used. Air vibration even is less than a normal voice of a man, an expert reviews, this means that blasting is conducted satisfactorily: vibrations do not affect to any construction surrounding blasting areas. Due to hole by hole delay systems used, so that at each blast, at a distance of 300m, one can fell only low and slight noise of explosion, slight ground vibration at the feet. There is almost no dust generated or emitted to the air. Such success is rarely achieved in Vietnam blasting practice.

                 Hightech blasting at polymetallic mine Nui Phao, Thai Nguyen.

    Moreover, due to clean explosives used and accuracy of explosive calculations the post blasting reactions are safe. In case of raining, drained water from these blasts is even safe rice fields, rivers, therefore, is not causing pollution and damage to crops and fisheries. It is worth mentioning here that in Dai Tu, as a sensitive old antiwar movement place, there is no recorded complaint to the METCO leadership about blasting vibration, dust or water pollution raised from all the people in the neighboring towns and from local authorities after more than 6 months of implementation of this blasting technology.
    Dr Lieutenant Colonel and the General Director of METCO Tran Manh Hung, right from the start of the hightech blasting service deployment at Nui Phao has assigned a specific and definitive mission to the officers, commanders, soldiers, shotfirers: "It is great to be selected as a hightech blasting service provider. But at Nui Phao, there are much more harder works waiting for us ahead. As one of the few units to apply hightech blasting in Vietnam; I believe that with the level of your experience the blasting services at Nui Phao project will be successful".
    So far, foreign experts operating polymetal mining project at Nui Phao, who always put safety and the environment on top of economic performance,  have sent their great satisfaction and rely through METCO General Director to the team of professionals, officers and soldiers, who execute hightech blasting in Nui Phao polymetal mines. Obviously, high-tech blasting though it is difficult but if you love your the job and you put collective interests above individual interests, no matter how the difficulty is, you will find some way to the goal.
   Metco Company from its Vision - Values - Commitment has set out a right direction for the sustainable development. Vision: To survive, sustainable development must be based on the highly specific hightech technology and toward to customers. In value, the company responsible to the community on safety and environmental protection and is committed to be able to control, to prevent occupational accidents, occupational diseases and to ensure that environment is always green - clean and beautiful.
   Hightech blasting at Nui Phao, successfully performed by METCO, should be multiplied to serve the country's economy. And it is necessary to see this as a newsreel and strategic orientation of the nature and strategy of science of explosives.

Nguyen Van Dung – Nguyen Xuan Hanh

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