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My Sweet Home I love

My Sweet Home I love

In the occasion of the 5th anniversary of METCO JSC, we remember the early days of  the establishment. In this year, that feeling is increasingly intensive and emotionally rich in the event of the 5th anniversary of the company. The foundation of the company gives a meaningful pride to each of the officers and employees.


The  Senior Lieutenant Colonel Tran Manh Hung, METCO General Director and GAET Deputy Director has made a warm speech.

This year is a year full of thoughts as it saves a special mark and as we are getting through an arduous and challenging year in the context of difficult economic situation of the country.

Shoulder by shoulder with the teammates of the company in the most remarkable anniversary celebration,  we were all filled with the emotion and determination for a successful year as a milestone year that highlighted the importance of the company establishment celebration.

Looking back the past stage, we were all feeling excited but the most important emotion is the feeling of the pride in everyone which lightens the most joinable and exited atmosphere of the celebration.

5-year journey through the path of sweat and efforts that so many of you in the company contributed for our common sweet house so called METCO.

The 5-year anniversary image remains imprinted in the memories in even very detail that seems to be happed just yesterday. A strenuous long way we have passed with difficulties but there are many memorable events with the fun along.

Today marks the 5th anniversary, we look back ourselves with excited emotion, a long way indeed wit many big changes in the stature and the position of METCO.

Right from the inception, along with our dreams and burning desire deeply in hearts, we've just done a lot of thinking to determine the course and our mission.

In the context of extreme deprivation, with a small amount of capital and modest inventory, we understand that the way to shore of the dream still very long and very thorny. Only with perseverance, determination, sacrifice, endurance we can go to the destination.

Since then, we remain faithful to the selected direction and the mission, our mission is: "To provide the customers with the best products and services by creating the most effective working environment ". The mission is to promote the comprehensive talent of each employee.

Through the company anniversary celebration we recognized the deep concerns of the leaders to the people in the family sweet home - METCO.

What I feel the most is the current development of the company with young people full of dynamism and creativity that will continue outreach METCO on the domestic and international markets.

Some photos of the 5th anniversary of METCO.


Comrade Ho Quang Tuan, active member of the Party Committee, Deputy Chairman,  Chief Officer of the General Department of Defense Industry, handed a souvenir.


Lieutenant General Pham Tuan, Former Head of the General Department of Defense Industry came to celebrate the company.


Comrade Colonel Do Phu Tho, Deputy Editor of the People's Army Newspaper presents a souvenir.


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