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METCO TRAVEL Initial spots of success

METCO TRAVEL - Initial spots of success

From October 2012, METCO TRAVEL had performed 30 travelling delegations with approximately 1000 of both domestic and foreigner customers, participated in commercial promotion programs, introduced travel products in United Stated, Taiwan, China, Hongkong – Macao, Malaysia, Singapore, Laos, Thailand, Korea, France, Belgium, Netherland, Germany, Italy. Especially there were 4 delegations of more than 100 of Japanese commercial people, who exchanged and surveyed the Vietnam market.

Selected pictures of travels

All domestic and overseas travels were performed with absolute safety and security.

From September 17  to September 23, 2012 METCO TRAVEL had escorted a delegation of former officers of General Department of Military Industry (GAET) and of its subsidiaries to visit China.

The delegation had a flight route started from Hanoi --> Hongkong --> Macao --> Shenzhen --> Guangzhou --> Hanoi at the end of the trip.

Selected pictures of the trip

With enthusiastic, thoughtful travel guide team,  METCO TRAVEL had successfully served and guided the delegation during the travel. The trip had left good impression to METCO TRAVEL dear customers./.

The Tour bulletin (06/09/2013)
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