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Happy New Year Greeting Letter from General Director of Economic Technology JSC (METCO) – Happy New Year of the Golden Snake 2013!   

Dear Colleagues!

On behalf of the Managing Board and the Commander Board of METCO, I would like to send to all of you, managers, officers, workers of the company the warmest greeting words and sincere thanks to you for your contributions to the company development, to its step-by-step stable and sustainable development.

            Dear all!

Initial achievements of METCO are highly appreciated, preserved by the company managing board and by myself and hope that they will be promoted further:

Blasting at Nui Phao Mine is gradually being put in order, stabilized and promoted efficiently. The Managing Board and the Commander Board of METCO highly appreciate the team, of commanders, experts, technicians and workers of the Metco Blasting Service Center. As an advanced blasting technology at first applied at Nui Phao Mine and in Vietnam, it is necessary to be replicated in the future.

            Metco Commerce and Investment Center also has tried best efforts as the team of its members and commanders have penetrated efficiently in the market. Cyanide supply as for Bong Mieu and Phuoc Son partners has opened a prosperous opportunity for the near future. The Managing Board and the Commander Board of METCO sympathize and thoroughly understand that achievements of the team in the last year were quite encouraging. All managers and officers of the Center need to improve their professional knowledge and comply domestic and international laws, commercial standards and regulations. The outstanding issue of the Center is that their operative officers and soldiers do not have understanding thoroughly the customers and their needs, as well as do not have necessary measures for debt collection.      

            Metco Travel – International Cooperation Center has been started their initial directions. In 2012, Metco Travel has performed a number of international tours with high satisfaction of the customers. A number of foreign partners have entered into cooperation with the Center. The book “ Le Kha Phieu and thorough thoughts” is the most significant publishing achievement of the Center as it is widely accepted throughout Vietnam. In very near futures other books will be published and they are to be very precious books of Vietnam Army in particular and of the Country in general.

Metco Material R&D Institute has achieved initial results as it has granted a state funded research project and secured another project. It is worth to note that there were not many newly established research institutes capable to be trusted and granted so important projects funded by the Government. The Managing Board and the Commander Board of METCO highly appreciates the creativity and diligence of the research team of Metco Material R&D Institute. There will be so many up front challenges, however, the Managing Board and the Commander Board of METCO believe that Institute with its achieved results will reach excellent successes.

Department of Finance, Department of Admin and Department of Human Resource and Political Works have contributed not a small part in the general achievement of the company as they have secured finance resource, organization stability and logistics provision etc. to suit general business of the company. 

Once again, on behalf of the Managing Board and the Commander Board of METCO, I would like to thank you all!

            Dear Colleagues!

            METCO firmly entered into its business and has achieved certain successes. As for today achievements, the company always remembers contributions of managing authorities of all levels as Ministry of Industry and Trade (Department of Safety - Environment, Department of Chemicals, Departments of Science and Technology); Ministry of Science and Technology; Ministry of Police (Department of Firefighting and Prevention, Department of Public Security and Order); Department of Thai Nguyen Industry, Thai Nguyen Police Department and others, especially let me to send our deep thanks to the leaders of the Ministry of National Defense of Vietnam, of the Department of Military Industry, who have dedicated their great supports and helps to METCO in its all aspects of business and life.

            In the occasion of the New Year, I would like to send a sincere thank to the Defense Economic Technical Industry Corporation, to the founding shareholders of METCO, to the factories Z115, Z131, Z143, Z114, Z113, to all our partners and customers for their great supports, helps, cooperation and assistance in our business as in Nui Phao project, Bong Mieu gold project etc. METCO would like to receive further supports from the government authorities, the Ministry of Defense, from our partners and customers in the next successive years!

On behalf of the Managing Board and the Commander Board of METCO, we would like to send our warmest greetings and best wishes for good health, happiness and wealth in the business and in the life to all leaders of the Party organizations, of the Government, of the Ministry of Defense, to our partners and customers and to their families.               

                                                                    All the best victory regards and wishes!




Dr. Lieutenant Colonel Tran Manh Hung

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