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The first blast at Nui Phao Mine successfully performed.
A peacefull blast at Nui Phao – Đai Tu – Thai Nguyen



In coordination and assistance of NPM, METCO had successfully designed and performed the first hole-by-hole blast at Nuiphao Mine. Fragmentation was as required by the approved blast design.

The blast was initiated by one of the most modern nonelectric exploder, which created an electric pulse of 2500V from a 9V battery and injected a beam of sparks into signal tube of the lead-in-line detonator (LIL). LIL was to transfer the firing signal to all surface detonators and from them to all detonators inside the blastholes.

METCO Oilfield Blasting Services Center with its specialists, engineers, skilled shortfirers has calculated the volume of explosives and accessories to be used, also established the safest blast performing procedures with highest accuracy and the most suitability to the Nui Phao mine geotechnical conditions.

The major moments of the blast were as the follows

- 16:40pm – Charging and hooking completed, evacuation signals were given for withdrawing of people and equipment out of danger area;

-   16:50pm – Barriers and guarding posts were arranged;

-  16:55pm – Guards reported safety status to ensure the blast safety;

-  17:00pm   Preblast signals by long sirens were given at all guarding posts, last safety communication report to the blasting commander;

-   17:05pm – Blast initiated.

Light sparks run through signal tubes to all detonators, after a noiseless explosion the whole blast area was slightly lifted up, a white smoke covered the blast area. All the blastholes were fully initiated, almost no flyrocks and thus it was absolute safe to people and equipment.

From observation station, which located on a hill about 700m from the blast, NPM managers, leaders of Dai Tu District and of communes around Nui Phao Mine, Thai Nguyen TV and reporters had observed the successful blast and congratulated the blasting crew.

By taking this opportunity, METCO would like to send the best compliments to leaders of Ministry of Industry and Trade, Ministry of Police, Ministry of National Defense, leaders of Thai Nguyen Government, Thai Nguyen  Department of Industry and Trade, Thai Nguyen Police Department and other authorities for their great support during execution of this project as one of the largest polymetal mines of Vietnam.

The first blast at Nui Phao Mine successfully performed. (19/04/2012)
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