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86th Vietnam Women's Day Celebration 20/10/1930 - 10/20/2016

In the general inspirational spirit and pride of women throughout the country to celebrate the 86th year of the establishment of the Vietnam Women's Union (20.10.1930 - 20.10.2016) on October 14, 2016, the METCO Women Executive Committee held a warm exchange meeting with the site women of the company at the Nui Phao site.


               Company leaders in the meeting at the Thai Nguyen Site office

At the meeting, our women exchanged and shared experiences of life which reflected the solid hinterland and also showed the increasingly knowledgeable, dynamic, creative movement of Vietnam Women. Particularly the highlighted role of women in the modern life as the centre of the family happiness and the dedicated balance between the family life and work, family and social relationship had been discussed. In addition, good parenting issues, children raising were also shared and exchanged.

Our women shared and exchange their true stories of life in combination with experiences which were summed up in the real life. The atmosphere was open and the solidarity had been reinforced through such networking sessions.

The meeting is one of the most useful activities of the company Women's Union so as they are to create unity, consensus in the entire company.

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