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South Liberation Victory 30/4 and International Labor Day Anniversary 1/5

In the accasion of the South liberation day, the day of reunification 30/4, and the 1/5 International Labor Day. On the April 23, 2016 The Overseas Petroleum Exploration and Exploitation Company (PVEP Overseas), the Economic Technology JSC company (METCO) and the University of Mining and Geology have organized a friendly Mini-football tournament.

  Memoria Photo of the team leaders

This is an opportunity to arouse the traditional ethnic education, education of the heroic revolutionary tradition and culture of the capital and the country; thus making a strong lift in the labor and in production, in the emulating the successful implementation of the social-economic tasks in 2016.

   Memorial photos of soccer teams

The leaders of the teams and also the whole staff and employees of units were attending and cheering the tournament.


   The chairman handed the awarded gold medals for the winning team captal

With a scientific tactic gameplay, METCO JSC company have won the first prize. The friendly football tournament iss a really useful playground, a healthy cultural environment that enables young members to exchange, to learn and to improve their physical and mental health to support their professional development activities, strengthen the solidarity between units.

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