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Chemical factory Z21 – Militay industrial and economic adminstration

METCO Travel had organised a coference trip to Malaysia and Singapore for managers and commanders of the Chemical Factory 21 from 06/05/2012 to 12/05/2012.

During the trip in Malaysia and Singapore, the delegate visited some sight seeing places. In Malaysia, the delegate visited the satellite city Putra Jaya, Parliarment House, Victory statue, Independence Square with the world a highest flag tower, Commercial center in Twin Tower Petronass, Genting Highland, Ba Tu cave, Malacca, old Holland City, old castle, Chenhoon Temple, Bukit, St. Paulo Church wreckage.

In Singapore, the visitors visited Suntec City – Singaporian Aministative Center; Wealth Waterfall tower, Sealion park, Victoria Opera House, Dr. Stamford Statue; Singapore Science center; The visitors also enjoined different art performances such a light musics Song of the sea Sentosa.

The working trip of Z121 delegation was completed successfully.

METCO Travel has organized successful trip to the Z117 Factory (12/08/2015)
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